Do you know what Imunify360 is and how it works? 

Website security has always been and will be one of our main concerns. Additionally, websites, especially WordPress ones, receive continuous attacks on a daily basis. However, our website will not be interrupted in any way if our server has Imunify360 installed. Every day, many websites receive the protection of Imunify360 on their hosting servers through in-depth security analysis performed by this magnificent tool.

In this article we will show you what Imunify360 is and how it works when it protects our WordPress website. In addition, we will see what your approach is composed of six layers of security.

What is Imunify360?

Imunify360 is a next-generation security and protection solution. It is designed for servers and uses herd immunity in a six-layer security approach to provide full protection to all clients of a given hosting. This guarantees the highest level of security against all types of malicious attacks. It is a great security solution created by CloudLinux .

The six-layer approach to protection

This security tool is focused on defending servers against malicious malware and other attacks using six layers of protection:

Automated malware scanning and cleaning

Imunify360 automatically scans file systems for any type of malware injection and quarantines infected files.

Intrusion detection and prevention system

This tool provides excellent insight into website protection by monitoring server logs. It does a detailed analysis of the log files and prevents IP addresses from showing signs of being malicious. Among them, password failures and possible vulnerabilities, among others. In addition, it safeguards and protects the server from attacks.

Advanced firewall

It uses cloud heuristics and artificial intelligence to locate threats and secure all websites hosted on servers. It has a firewall capable of defending against port scans, DoS and brute force attacks. The firewall integrates with application firewalls such as web mod_security to dramatically improve its usefulness.

Dynamic defense

Imunify360’s dynamic protection defends websites from zero-day attacks. It even stops any malware that another scanner can discover. In addition, it identifies attacks on websites instantly and then automatically and immediately blocks particularly malicious executions. Your proactive defense uses a particular way to recognize protection risks. Examine what the scripts do rather than what the code contains.

Patch management

This implies a greater reinforcement of the security of PHP and Kernel without having to reboot. A Kernel protected without restarting by  KernelCare is an element that keeps servers protected by automatically patching cores without having to restart the server. This feature checks for new updates in 4-hour periods and automatically installs them to running servers without impacting their performance.

The reinforced PHP is an element that gives us a guarantee of protection of the web server by continually updating the PHP we will have the guarantee of being protected against any known weakness. This allows the server to run any version of PHP without us having to update the applications to adapt to new versions.

Monitoring of web reputation

It analyzes the domains to determine if they were blocked by black lists and makes a notification if they are. The reputation of websites is important to us. If our website is blacklisted by Google as an infectious website, Google excludes it from search results, which will be harmful to our business site.

When we appear on an RBL list as spammers, it is likely that emails will not be delivered to customers. If we do not dynamically and continuously monitor the reputation of our website, it is likely that we will not be aware of being blacklisted for a long time which could be weeks or months. During all that time our reputation goes down and this could cause us ruin.

How does Imunify360 protect our website?

All WordPress websites receive countless attacks on the internet on a daily basis. The problem with using content management systems (CMS) like WordPress is that the application needs to be updated frequently. If we don’t, the attackers will always find new ways to attack us, making us vulnerable to these threats.

Brute force and DDOS attacks, among others, are the most common and we see them every day. If our website develops bugs or a vulnerability and we are unable to update them, it becomes vulnerable and an easy target for attackers.

With Imunify360, every website can be scanned every day for vulnerabilities and changes in the content of files on servers. By using multiple layers of security, servers can stop attacks more quickly, even without an update available.

This makes the servers where we have our WordPress site hosted more secure and reducing the possibility of being hacked. Because of this, we don’t have to worry about hacked apps as now with this security tool the servers are more secure in a default way.

We hope this article on what Imunify360 is and how it works has been helpful to you. More information about this and other topics in


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