Are you looking to improve your site ranking? 

Improve your user experience? One of the most important things is to find and repair broken links, in this post we will tell you why it is so important and how to do it very easily.

What is a “Broken Link” or “Broken Link”

A broken link, broken link or dead link is a link that does not work, either internal (within your own site) or external, that is, it points to another site.

There can be different reasons for a link to break, for example:

  • The page no longer exists
  • You made a mistake writing it
  • The URL of the page was changed and a redirect was not done

The problem is that broken links can be very harmful to your site, let’s see why …

Broken links in WordPress are bad for SEO and user experience

There are two main reasons why you should worry that your site does not have broken links.

Bad user experience

First of all, the obvious, a person is reading your blog, is interested in clicking on a link and comes across an error.

This can give the user the impression that the content is old and the link no longer exists, or the site is not being maintained. Either option creates a bad user experience, which can cause the person to leave your site.

Search engine ranking

But this can have repercussions beyond bad experience, because broken links can also affect your site’s ranking in search engines.

Google robots navigate through links and when one of them is broken, the crawling of your site is interrupted.

Also, going back to the bad experience, when a user leaves your site, it is affecting the bounce rate and the average time of your visits.

So there you have it, links are good and help rank better, but broken ones can do a lot of damage.

How to do a broken link audit in WordPress

Well, there are different ways to do a broken link audit in WordPress, in this post we are going to see the following methods:

  • With a WordPress plugin
  • With a search engine extension
  • With an external service

Method 1: Audit of broken links with a WordPress plugin

The plugin that we are going to recommend is Broken Link Checker .

Broken Link Checker scans and reports every link on your website to give you its status, if the link has changed, is broken or no longer exists.

Also, above you can see the total number of links on your site and how many are broken.

Once you are ready to repair or remove the link, simply click “Modify URL” to open this box where you must enter the correct link.

Once corrected, click “Update” and that’s it.

Ventajas de Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker also allows you to:

  • Schedule periodic scans
  • Detect broken links or images and redirects
  • Prevent search engines from following a broken link while crawling your site
  • Do this job from your WordPress admin
  • Repair the broken link from there, you don’t have to go elsewhere

Disadvantages of Broken Link Checker

For me, the only downside is that it is a plugin and I always recommend having as few plugins as possible to keep a site healthy and fast.

Other plugins to detect broken links in WordPress

If you want to try other plugins, here are a couple of alternatives:

Method 2: Audit for broken links with a browser extension

Another easy way to do a broken link audit is with a browser extension. The best, in our experience, is Check My Links .

You just go to the page you want to review and click Check My Links to do its magic. As you can see in the following image, the analysis tells you how many valid links are on the page, how many are redirects and the number of warnings and broken links.

It also marks the links in different colors so that it is easy to identify.

Ventajas de Check My Links

Check My Links gives you the following advantages:

  • The convenience and speed of pressing a button in your browser without having to enter your administrator
  • How to classify the different types of links by color

Disadvantages of Check My Links

There are two disadvantages that are important:

  • Once you have found a broken link, you will have to go to your WordPress administrator, find the page in question and repair it.
  • Analysis is per page rather than the entire site

Other browser extensions to detect broken links

As an alternative, we are going to mention Broken Link Checker , which works in a very similar way to Check My Links.

Method 3: Audit of broken links with an external service

As you can imagine, there are many services, free and paid, to find broken links on your site.

Our recommendation is Broken Link Checker because it is free and you can crawl your entire site.

You simply enter the URL of your site, the security code to verify that you are not a robot and click on “Find broken links now.”

In a few minutes you will have the complete report, depending on the size of your site. This report shows you the link, on which page to find it and what was the response that was received from the server.

Advantages of using Broken Link Checker

Using an external service like Broken Link Checker gives you the following advantages:

  • You don’t need to install another plugin on your site
  • Track the entire site
  • It’s totally free

Disadvantages of Broken Link Checker

Only one disadvantage, that once you have done the work of identifying broken links in WordPress, you have to log into your administrator and navigate to the page in question to repair it manually.

Other services to detect broken links in WordPress

As we said before, there are many services like Broken Link Checker, here we are going to mention the best known.

Dr. Link Check

Dr. Link Check is a bit more visual in its interface.

With its free version you can have two sites and analyze a maximum of 1,500 links. Other than that it has paid versions that start at $ 10 / month for 5 sites and 10,000 links.

Dead Link Checker

Dead Link Checker is another free tool.

This gives you the option of crawling a single page or the entire site, simply select the option below the field to enter your site address.


Ahrefs is a very complete SEO tool that, within its functions, includes the Broken Link Checker to help you find broken links in WordPress or any type of site.

This tool also allows you to sort, filter and prioritize your broken links.

Its cost is $ 99 per month.


So there you have it, how to find and repair broken links in WordPress. If you have any questions feel free to use the comments below.

If you ask me what is the best method, I think it depends, if your site is big and has been around for a while, I would definitely consider the Broken Link Checker plugin , but if your site doesn’t have that many pages, I would use something external like the Check browser extension. My Links or any of the services to avoid installing a plugin.

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