Most likely, you are here because you have in mind to create your project in WordPress and you still do not know which are the best hosting for WordPress or which one to decide on. Or perhaps because it is time to change providers after so many inconveniences.

We will refer to those hostings that have been on the lips of all the last years, not only for their commercial machinery, but rather for their constant positioning, privileged thanks to their performance, hardware valuation, technical support, price, Security, compatibility with PHP , panel interface and tutorial in wordpress.

Of course there is much more to value and that is why we decided to give each one a special section and what characterizes it, so the idea is that you can be clear about which are the best WordPress hostings for 2021.

Our list of the best WordPress hosting


It will simply be the one with the best references you can listen to. There are many people throughout America who choose it and it is gaining more and more strength in Spain. This hosting is famous for its complete service, practically multipurpose and what attracts the most is its high speed for loading, thanks to its SSD disks; undoubtedly one of the most competitive in this regard. It has an impeccable support service, and in addition to shared hosting, it offers VPS, and Cloud, which as if that were not enough, it does not limit its broadband. Very easy to use, just perfect for dynamic websites. It supports PHP and MySQL and they guarantee you speed by relying on the high reliability and availability of their servers. Immersive and promising, all these features make it one of the best hosting for WordPress.


For users with projects that demand large amounts of resources and high availability, Kinsta is a great option. Powered by Google Cloud Platform and its 18 global data centers, plus state-of-the-art infrastructure, support for Nginx, MariaDB, PHP 7+, and a host of customization options make Kinsta a heavyweight when it comes to performance. Their customer support is one of the highlights, since they have WordPress experts available 24 hours a day in case we have any questions or problems with the operation of the hosting.


Among the giants, with more than 8 million domains under its belt, it is one of the best balances regarding quality and price, many even choose this to make their first tests. If English is good for you and your focus is to start working in a flexible and intuitive environment, then do not hesitate to hire their services. Their servers are extremely fast and you will have excellent 24/7 support, because we know that one day you will already have a timely service. It is perfect if you want to start monetizing your project. In addition to unlimited domains, it has facility from payment in its monthly packages, including credit to start adwords campaigns. Offers free migrations and global CDN.


One of those hostings with enormous storage capacity, despite not being available in Spanish, much loved by WordPress users; The reason for choice? A hosting for several modalities and with all the toys included. Speed ​​is one of its strengths, and this is possible thanks to its servers with cutting-edge technology in the Quad Opteron market; It helps to maintain stability and security that you will not have domain drops. About its security we can say that it supports SSL encryption, perfect for WordPress and for free. It supports PHP and has a CDN service included in some free packages. It has an excellent support guide, but as we said, all in English. Maybe you should take a walk through their page; You don’t lose anything in trying, anyway you have a 30-day guarantee in case you are not convinced.

See Bluehost pricing

Web company

We go with the sites in Spanish and thought of a start for Spanish. We see that it is becoming more relevant, especially for those who opt for a CDN service through CloudFlare. Preferred by many for its speed and support 24 hours a day, that you do not get caught by some unforeseen event that you must solve in the near future, (it usually happens). One of its cons is its price, as well as limited space and traffic. What we do find good is that you will have a service dedicated to working fully in the WordPress environment; the favorite for those who love SEO.


The good thing about this giant is that it has support in several languages, its servers are located in the United States and it is not for nothing that they are leaders in the number of clients. And it is its wide range of products and services. Among its plans you can choose from a storage space of 100 GB and a single domain, to unlimited memory spaces and multiple domains; often attribute. It is generally their Premium package that promises the best performance. Just take into account the price and if what it offers is appropriate for the size of your project. It is very easy to use thanks to cPanel, it supports PHP and MySQL. If you check their prices, you may want to be aware of some seasonal discounts.

Digital Factory

Keep in mind that, like Webempresa, it has servers in Spain. If you decide for its excellent service in Spanish and speed, you should opt for CloudFlare using cPanel. It is a hosting that is worth trying for its speed, its migration service and excellent support. It offers domains and its storage space varies according to the monthly plan you choose. They guarantee a daily backup of backups, and their data transfer is unlimited. It is compatible with MySQL 5.6 and has a reinforced security protocol against DDoS attacks. Although its price is not entirely cheap, take into account that its excellent support could save you some headaches, and of course take advantage of the speed it offers, so you could earn some points from Google.

And then what is the best hosting for WordPress?

As you have seen, each element is important to choose a good hosting for wordpress this 2021. Of course you are free to explore other alternatives, but we want to make it clear that it is worth trusting what they offer. The trajectory of these hostings is something that cannot be left aside. Even beyond evaluating the best quality and price ratio, it’s time to stop for a moment and see if the hosting you currently use or the one you have your eye on really meets your expectations. Its breadth performance and tools should be enough for the type of web project with which you want to ride the wave of digital business this 2019.

Has this list of hosting providers for WordPress help you? Leave us your opinion in the comment box.


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