Do you know the pros and cons of running your WordPress website on Ubuntu? 

Ubuntu is one of the best operating systems to run our WordPress site . This could be a somewhat reckless claim for some. However, in this post , we will show the pros and cons of running WordPress on Ubuntu Linux.

Ubuntu in addition to being freely available, is also a Linux-based and open source operating system.

Ubuntu has released various versions of its operating system over the years. For this article, we will refer to the Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS version as it is the latest released version with long-term support. It is essential to check the version of Ubuntu we are running as soon as we log into our PC for the first time.

Unlike other operating systems, Ubuntu releases a new version of its operating system frequently. The flavors of Ubuntu , is a way to experience the different configurations of this regularly updated operating system. Updates occur on a six-month interval and with long-term support every two years.

It has a single scheme that provides five years of support for both desktop and server versions. Along with that, Ubuntu offers a nine-month support program for the standard versions released.

The pros and cons of running WordPress on Ubuntu

If we are starting a commercial website or want to start a blog using the server technology of the Ubuntu operating system, we are assured of obtaining the fundamental benefits, such as data security, among other benefits.

Let’s first look at the pros and cons of running a WordPress site with Ubuntu.

The advantages of running a WordPress site on Ubuntu

Let’s learn what’s great about Ubuntu, which WordPress website owners should definitely consider as an option for running their website.

Ubuntu is free

For a beginner, there is no worry of having to budget to run your WordPress site on Ubuntu, because it is absolutely free. Also, no license fee is required. Ubuntu has allowed millions of entrepreneurs, institutions and professional bloggers to take advantage of its services. Also, it allows them to launch their website with more control compared to shared hosting solutions.

It is customizable

Although WordPress can run on a Microsoft-powered server, most website developers prefer Ubuntu on their computers. With the Ubuntu CLI or Ubuntu Command Line Interface , we have incredible levels of customization. This is both in the way in which we control and administer our website, as well as the internal functioning or backend of it.

Ubuntu is ideal for development

Unlike a clean window that requires the user to install a Microsoft office suite, Java, Python, and a text editor on our desktop or computer, a clean Ubuntu install will make working much faster and easier.

In addition, this tool is designed with distinctive support features that allow the programmer to use their machine immediately after purchase. If we are missing something, we can use the apt-get command or the Advanced Packaging Tool to quickly download what we need with a single line of code from the many  Ubuntu repositories .

Although Windows is highly regarded for its ability to allow the user to multitask easily, with the help of the GUI or Graphical User Interface , the benefits of choosing Ubuntu outweigh it. This is because this graphical interface helps the user to save time. Once we get used to the CLI, we will be able to develop much more efficiently and quickly. This way we can keep the use of server resources to a minimum.

Very easy updates

Ubuntu updates the software in the background without interrupting the realization of our project. For this reason, millions of people prefer it to Windows. all that is required is for the engine to be restarted during the update. If we are running a non-major update (for example, going from Ubuntu 18.04.03 to 18.04.04), the update will be faster, easier and will not disrupt our site. Major updates are much lighter too.

Extensive existing documentation

The open source nature of   Ubuntu offers the same benefit as WordPress. It is incredibly well documented. Whatever we need, someone probably did a tutorial on it. New users will find that their chosen search engine will become their new best friend as they set up their website.

More resource friendly

Due to the lack of GUI, Ubuntu is much more resource friendly, compared to any other server software. That frees up space to run our site, rather than keeping the server and our nonessential processes in the background.

This will also allow us to save resources. We can opt for a cheaper server with fewer resources, since we will save on the use of available resources.

Ubuntu is designed with the front and center command line

Ubuntu is designed with an excellent command line interface that is quite easy to learn as the default support for our Bash or Bourne-again shell . Besides that, it has other commands that simplify the server administration, the use of local files and the development environment work.

It is safe

Ubuntu enjoys very frequent security updates to its base software. In addition, it offers its users much more flexibility in designing the perfect firewall for our website compared to other operating systems. While the initial setup may require research and time, at the end of the day, we will be very well protected.

Allows additional repositories for additional software

Ubuntu has several repositories. Through them, you provide additional software for the system. These repositories include free and open software that is compatible with Ubuntu. In addition, it is compatible with proprietary, free and open source devices maintained by a community. This, without forgetting any other Ubuntu-backed software.

The Cons of running a WordPress site on Ubuntu

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why Ubuntu might not be the right choice for some webmasters.

It has a fairly steep learning curve

Considering that it is open source software that is geared more towards advanced users, Ubuntu is more difficult to master. Users who have little experience using a command line interface will spend a lot of time looking for tutorials while trying to perform some tasks. That said, once we understand the basic principles behind it, the further learning process is much simpler. Definitely worth what we get from it.

Requires to be developed by experts

When considering the topic of website development, an expert is required to master different types of commands and functions. A complex web application will likely require multiple developers to work behind it. However, a WordPress user should feel good about starting to do it on their own.

Possible migration difficulties

If we are considering changing a WordPress site hosted on shared hosting services, we may experience some difficulties when migrating a WordPress site to a server running on an Ubuntu system.

Some tips for running Ubuntu

At this point we will show some tips, which will keep us on the right track, to get the necessary help when choosing Ubuntu as our launch site.

Update our operating system immediately and regularly

After installing Ubuntu on our machine, we must prioritize updating the operating system before focusing on our project. It is recommended to update to the latest version of the existing operating system. If the Ubuntu operating system cannot be updated after installation, there is a high possibility of experiencing difficulties installing repositories or software.

Select our preferred stack or stack

We must investigate and decide which pile or stack of web server is best for us. The two most common options are LEMP and LAMP .

Let’s analyze what each of them contains:

  • LEMP : This server stack is made up of Linux, Nginx, MySQL, and PHP / Perl / Python.
  • LAMP : The other popular option replaces Nginx with Apache and also contains Linux, MySQL, and PHP / Perl / Python.

There are other alternatives, however by choosing between these two we will ensure easier site administration as they are the best documented stacks available.

Let’s start investigating

Let’s start investigating the command line interface, learn the most popular commands required, and select a preferred connection method. Normally, when using a VPS or Virtual Private Server with Ubuntu, we must connect to the server through SSH or Secure SHell . If we are Microsoft Windows users, we should consider trying  PuTTY . Meanwhile, if we use Linux or iOS, we can connect to our server through the terminal.

Learn keyboard shortcuts

This is one of the benefits of running our WordPress on Ubuntu. It gives us flexibility that allows us to set the desired shortcuts of our choice. This will help us to easily open applications, change panels, etc. Whether we are using the nano editor  or splitting panels with  TMUX , it is essential to familiarize ourselves with various keyboard shortcuts that will help us better manage our server.

It is quite evident that by now we already understand the advantages and disadvantages of running a WordPress site on Ubuntu. The decision is eventually ours. When it comes to choosing the ideal web host for our site, there are many things to think about.

Before making the final decision, it is vital to take some time and see what options are available. As novice WordPress users, it is important to have realistic goals. In addition to taking into account that the experience we have and the objectives of the website will help us keep our wishes alive and make the best decision.

If we are looking for a free and straightforward host that doesn’t require a lot of work, we recommend running our WordPress site on Ubuntu. Without a budget, we will surely benefit from it. This is a great place where we can start a small business and grow it without too much effort.

We hope this article on the pros and cons of running WordPress on Ubuntu has been helpful to you. 


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